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Updated 2019-10-24

Welcome to the League Home Page!

Below are all of the related news, information, and updates you need to know for participation during the season. Contact if you have questions and remember to HAVE FUN!


League Season and Schedule

Our league season typically runs from October through March, with registration typically taking place in September each year (season start and length are dependent on the number of teams participating). All events will be scheduled prior to the start of the season and results published to this website. In addition, a PDF of the entire season schedule is available from your team captain or can be downloaded from this link. In the event that a team needs to reschedule a match, each team should first jointly agree upon a make-up date/time and then contact the league president (Jared) to provide the updated schedule information. All rescheduled matches must be completed prior to the season end tournament.

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League Scoring

Game wins are awarded 10 points (always). Game losses are awarded points based on the number of the loser’s balls pocketed during the game (for a maximum of 7 points). For example: if you lose a game and have 2 of your balls remaining on the table, you are awarded 5 points (7 total possible balls minus the number of your balls remaining on the table). Each team is responsible for keeping score during each match. Upon completion of each match, each team captain should review their score sheet with the opposing teams and once confirmed, sign both copies of the score sheet. The home team should then take a photo and text that photo of the completed, signed score sheet to the league president (Jared). Results will be posted online as quickly as they are received / is possible. Until we are able to submit scoring results directly online, we will need to continue to score our match results on paper. You can download/print a copy of the new PDF file here.

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League Player Registration

Our league hosts an initial team captains / new players meeting sometime each September which is the official opportunity to register into the league each season. This meeting is announced on this website, the league Facebook page as well as flyers posted at each participating venue. Team captains returning with a full team should attend this meeting. Participants without a team wishing to be placed on a team are considered ‘new players’ and should also attend. Many returning teams typically retain their members each season; new teams are created based on available / interested participants. Each team is composed of 4 registered participants and is required to have one participant assume the role of team captain. If you are unable to attend the initial league meeting as a new player, you can submit a registration request to the Twin Cities Gay Pool League via email by contacting with your full name and mobile phone number. NOTE: priority is given to participants who attend the initial team captains / new players meeting and is subject to team availability. Once the season starts we are not able to add any new teams / players, however substitutes are needed by all teams from time to time. Any players wishing to be listed as an available substitute should provide their contact information to the league vice president (tbd). All personal information is kept private.

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League Structure and Management

Our league is composed of 4 elected officials that manage all operations throughout the year. Each elected position is a 2 year commitment. Elections are held at the season-end tournament and are voted on by all paid league members (substitutes are not eligible to vote). Each elected official is accountable for the delivery of specific tasks during the season. The league’s current elected positions are:

President: Responsible for organizing, verifying and publishing all registered teams at the start of each season. Responsible for generating, validating and publishing the league schedule at the start of each season. Responsible for collecting, verifying and publishing all scores / results throughout the season. Responsible for updating the league website as needed. Responsible for drafting, publishing and executing all league ballot / votes. Responsible for ensuring all other elected positions are executed effectively. Jointly responsible for interpreting and enforcing all league rules, organizing and delivering the season end tournament, as well as engendering the goals, objectives, spirit and conduct of the league. This position is currently held by Jared Barringer and is up for reelection on the 2019-2020 season end ballot.

Vice President: Responsible for handling any escalated / urgent rule disputes during regular league match play (i.e. Monday night matches). Responsible for authoring and publishing any league-approved rule addendum, deviations or modifications from currently published APA rules or established league rules. Responsible for managing the substitute roster throughout the season. Jointly responsible for interpreting and enforcing all league rules, organizing and delivering the season end tournament, as well as engendering the goals, objectives, spirit and conduct of the league. This position is currently held by Jerry Schwartz and is up for reelection on the 2019-2020 season end ballot. NOTE: since this is a newly created elected official position, it will initially be a 1-year term and then be up for reelection on the 2019-2020 season end ballot (corresponding to the 2-year commitment of all other elected positions).

Treasurer: Responsible for collecting, managing, and accounting for all league funds contributed by both league members as well as sponsoring venues. Responsible for any/all payments to non-profit organizations as voted on by league members each prior season. Responsible for making payments for any expenses related to tools or resources used by the league (i.e. website, published materials, etc.). Jointly responsible for interpreting and enforcing all league rules, organizing and delivering the season end tournament, as well as engendering the goals, objectives, spirit and conduct of the league. This position is currently held by Brant Vlasak and is up for reelection on the 2019-2020 season end ballot.

Secretary: Responsible for developing, proofing, verifying and authoring all league wide official communications. Jointly responsible for interpreting and enforcing all league rules, organizing and delivering the season end tournament, as well as engendering the goals, objectives, spirit and conduct of the league. This position is currently held by Julie Nivot and is up for reelection on the 2019-2020 season end ballot.

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League Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct for all those participating in league events. NOTE: All league officers, team captains and league players must read and agree to adhere to this code prior to participating in ANY league events. Substitutes and all guests of participants must agree to follow these policies as well. You can also download a PDF version here.

TCGPL Code of Conduct

Purpose and Function – The primary purpose of the Twin Cities Gay Pool League (TCGPL) is to offer each participant the opportunity to: 1. Build and grow our community, 2. Support and uplift our community and 3. Have fun together as a community. The purpose of this TCGPL Code of Conduct is to engender and motivate a return to good sportsmanship, proper conduct, and to fully comply with the rules and policies of the TCGPL and the sponsoring venues we patron during our participation. All participants (including league officers, team captains, league players, substitutes and all guests) are expected to understand the rules and requirements set forth and are solely responsible for their conduct while attending all league events. All league officers, team captains and league players must read and agree to adhere to this code prior to participating in ANY league events. Substitutes and all guests of participants must agree to follow these policies as well. Improper behavior by anyone can and will directly affect the future participation of the individual and possibly the individual’s entire team. This code becomes effective as soon as the participants arrive at the sponsoring venue of play and remains in effect until the participants leave the venue. You are; therefore, responsible for your words and actions while attending a TCGPL event and shall conform your behavior to this code of conduct.
Expected Behavior – All participants shall always:
1. Treat other participants with respect.
2. Respect the pool tables, pool equipment and facility amenities.
3. Behave in a safe and sportsmanlike manner.
4. Adhere to the league game rules and policies.
5. Resolve gameplay conflicts directly with your opponent, relying on team captains only as an impartial arbitrator in the event one is needed.
Unacceptable Behavior – No participants shall ever:
1. Use personal or verbal abuse towards any participant or employee of the sponsoring venue.
2. Lay hand upon, push, shove, strike, or threaten to strike a participant or employee of the sponsoring venue.
3. Endanger the safety of any participant or employee.
4. Use unnecessary rough tactics in the play of the game against another opponent.
5. Falsify any results from league play.
6. Appear to a league event in an intoxicated condition.
Disciplinary Actions – Failure to comply with this TCGPL Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to the following depending on severity (as determined by the elected league officers) and may also include additional disciplinary actions by the sponsoring venue (as appropriate):
1. Verbal warning
2. Suspension / ejection from the evening’s league match
3. Suspension / ejection from a set number of future league matches
4. Suspension / ejection from the league for the season
Acknowledgement – Your participation in the Twin Cities Gay Pool League assumes that you have read, understand and hereby agree to abide by and support this TCGPL Code of Conduct.

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League Rules

This section contains the Twin Cities Gay Pool League rules that will be used for regular weekly matches. Our league will observe the APA rules as posted on this site, excepting the addenda listed below. Any rule disputes or escalations should be addressed to the league vice president (TBD).

TCGP League Addenda to Rules & By-Laws

1.GAME BREAK is decided by rotation and not by lag. The home team has the break in all first round and third round games; the visiting team has the break in all second round and fourth round games. The table is OPEN after the break. A player has to follow up with a called shot after the break to determine which balls belong to them.

2. BALL-IN-HAND If any of the following fouls are committed, the penalty is ball-in-hand for the opposing player. Make certain you have ball-in-hand before you touch the cue ball by confirming it with your opponent. Ball-in-hand is the advantage given to a player when their opponent scratches or otherwise fouls, wherein the player may place the cue ball anywhere on the playing surface. EXCEPTION: In 8-Ball, a scratch on the break requires the ball-in-hand to be executed from behind the head string and contact made with a ball outside the head string.
Even after having addressed the cue ball a player may, if not satisfied with the placement, make further adjustments with their hand, cue stick or any other reasonable piece of equipment. Only the player or the Team Captain may officially call a foul, although anyone may suggest to the player or the Team Captain that a foul should be called. NOTE: A foul that is not called when it occurs cannot be called once the next shot has been taken.
The following is a clarified list of possible fouls based on information from the APA rule book and agreed upon by the league:
CUE SCRATCH: Player puts cue ball in a pocket / off table
CUE MISS: Players cue ball does not contact another ball
CUE IN MOTION: Player double hits the cue ball or hits a cue ball in motion
WRONG BALL: Player makes first contact with a ball other than ANY one of their own (i.e. opponents ball, 8-ball) NOTE: During an open table, a player can shoot a combination involving stripes and solids; the legally pocketed ball will determine their category of balls for the remainder of the game. The 8-ball may not be used as the first ball in a combination shot (a foul)
RAIL CONTACT: Player fails to contact a rail or a pocket after first contact (NOTE: ANY ball can contact a rail, including opponents balls, the 8-ball or the cue ball)
JUMP SHOT: Player performs a jump shot or scoop shot
UNCONFIRMED BALL-IN-HAND: Player moves / touches cue ball without confirming with their opponent that a foul was committed and that it is now their ball-in-hand

3. MATCH WIN is given to the team with the most “game” wins in the match for the evening/event. In the case of a “tie” in the # of games won, the match win will be determined by the team with the greatest # of points earned for the match. If then there is a “tie” in the # of points earned, the match will be recorded as a “draw” for each team.

4. JUMP SHOTS are not legal or permissible in this league. This includes the “scoop” jump shot in bar pool or any other jump shot that is normally acceptable in other leagues. This rule was voted on and agreed to by the team captains and will remain in place for this league. The intention is to avoid causing damage to the bar tables/felt.

5. COACHING is allowed ONLY when the player requests a time out during their game. Coaching should not be offered / spoken without the player first voluntarily declaring a time out. Only the player who’s turn it is can ask for a time out; no other players on either side can declare a time out. Any player on their team can be asked to provide the coaching and it should be quick, concise and complete once the player declares their shot.

6. PLAYER NAMES must include first name and at a minimum last initial to assist in tracking results for teams with duplicate first names.

7. ANNUAL LEAGUE FEE & registration is to be submitted by each league participant to their team captain on or before their second scheduled regular season match. Team captains must provide all team registrations & fees to the league treasurer (Brant) on or before their team’s first scheduled regular season match with Brant’s team (Saloon Sharks (SAL2)). League fees for the season will be $25.00 per player; all proceeds are donated to charity.

8. SUBSTITUTION PLAYERS may be any individual wishing to participate as a substitute, provided they are not replacing a registered / paid league player and play over 50% of regular scheduled season matches. Substitute player identity must be provided in order to track player results. Only in extreme circumstances will a substitute player be allowed to play a partial match; substitutes are expected to play all 4 games of the match for the league player they are replacing. Substitutes that participate in a minimum of one regularly scheduled season match are invited to participate in the year-end league tournament as well. Each player/team is responsible for locating their own substitutes as needed, however the league vice-president () will maintain a list of available / willing substitutes if you are unable to locate one on your own.

9. CONFLICTS or disagreements during game play regarding specific results of a shot are resolved between the two parties. If they are unable to reach an agreement, the team captains should work together to resolve the dispute in an mutually amicable manner. If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved by the players or team captains, contact the league vice-president (tbd) immediately for an official and final league ruling. Harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.

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League Gameplay Etiquette

The TCGPL follows all APA rules and guidelines unless otherwise noted. Additionally, our league practices APA etiquette and expects this behavior from all participants (including league officers, team captains, league players, substitutes and all guests). The following are the etiquette guidelines for our league (as quoted from the APA Team Manual: *See page number 5 for etiquette)

Many billiards enthusiasts are unfamiliar with the unwritten rules of pool etiquette. Breaking one of those rules can result in arguments and hard feelings between players and teams. Please show good sportsmanship and common courtesy to both your opponents and the Host Location by observing these basic etiquette guidelines:
• Treat your opponent as you would like to be treated.
• Wish your opponent good luck before the match begins.
• Stay away from the table and out of your opponent’s line of sight when they are shooting.
• Do not engage your opponent in conversation while they are shooting.
Call your own fouls – don’t wait to be asked if you committed a foul. Players with integrity call their own fouls and tell their opponent when they have ball-in-hand or hand them the cue ball.
• Pay attention to your match.
• Be ready to shoot when it is your turn.
• Do not break down your cue until your match is over.
• If you are expected to play the next match, have your cue ready and enough quarters for the table (if needed).
• Begin your match as soon as the previous match is over.
• Observe all time guidelines.
• Shake your opponent’s hand, win or lose!

Cheering for your teammate is part of the fun, but don’t root against your opponent. A fun and competitive evening of League play is a goal that can be achieved by observing these guidelines and displaying good sportsmanship.

APA cannot require a location to host a team or to let specific individuals in the door. Host Locations have the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time. Without our Host Locations, there would be no APA Leagues. Remember we are their guests, and follow these basic guidelines:
• Be courteous and polite to the staff.
• Always respect the equipment – table, balls, cues, etc.
• Be knowledgeable of, and adhere to, House Rules.
• Take care not to dig the tip of your cue when breaking.
• Do not slam balls or bang cues on the floor or table.
• Do not set drinks on the pool tables.
• Never smoke at the table.
• Do not sit on the rails.
• Be aware of your surroundings. If someone is in the way of a shot, wait for them to move or politely ask them to move.
• Unless Host Location policy allows it, never bring in outside food or beverages.

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APA Rulebook

You can view the APA rulebook in the window (below) or download a copy here.


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