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Welcome Pool Players!

Tonight’s the night for our first matches of the season! Please make sure at least one person from your team brings a printed copy of the score sheet; both teams should keep score.

Tips for making tonight great

Each year we all have a great time and enjoy getting to see old friends and meet new ones throughout the season. To makes things stay focused and fun, here’s a few tips for tonight:

Be on time: matches start at 7pm. call/contact your captain immediately if you know you’re going to be late. Captains let the other team know if your team will not be on time. REMINDER: No contact from anyone on the opposing team by 7:15pm is officially considered a forfeit. Be in communication.

Bring your cue (if you have one)

Don’t fight: the official rules are posted online but there will be disputes. settle disputes like adults; team captains have the final say/verdict on interpretation. if a particular rule is unclear, make a judgement for the evening and then contact Jared for clarification afterwards.

Keep score: HOME TEAMS are responsible for remembering to email a picture of your signed, completed score sheet at the end of the night to tcgpl@playpooltwincities.com.

Have fun!: have a great time, enjoy yourselves, thank your sponsoring bars/staff, and get home safely. let’s make this season a great one!

Jared B.