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This season there are a few weeks where we are playing the same teams back to back. This wasn’t intentionally done and was an oversight when finalizing the schedule this season. It’s always our intention that we are mixing up home/away games and rotating venues fairly throughout the season. In order to accomplish this, the schedule gets adjusted and this year’s adjustments resulted in these back-to-back match ups. We will work to make sure this is avoided in the future whenever possible. Apologies to anyone upset about this. Thanks for your understanding.

2018-2019 Schedule complete!

The schedule for the 2018-2019 league season is complete. The individual events will be posted to the website over the next few days, however the full schedule is available via PDF at this link. Thanks to all who participated in the captains meeting to help get this finalized and completed!

Here are the individual team schedule links:


All teams filled! Schedule completed and posted! League play starts Monday October 10th @ 7PM!

Thanks to all who attended the captains/new players meeting at Game Sports Bar. We have 10 teams (9 last year) and the same number of sponsors (lost one; gained one). Thank you to everyone (especially Brent) who contacted our sponsor bars for this year’s season.

Your team’s schedule has been sent to your team captain. In addition, a PDF of the schedule is available on the league page. Plus, all scheduled matches are posted to the results pages.

Contact your team captain if you have questions and we’ll see you all for the first night of pool on Monday, October 10th at 7:00 PM. Match locations posted.

Have a great season, be kind/civil, and do not forget rule #1: HAVE FUN!!

Jared – League Dictator / Czar / Rulemeister / Boss / President