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Welcome Pool Players!

Tonight’s the night for our first matches of the season! Please make sure at least one person from your team brings a printed copy of the score sheet; both teams should keep score.

Tips for making tonight great

Each year we all have a great time and enjoy getting to see old friends and meet new ones throughout the season. To makes things stay focused and fun, here’s a few tips for tonight:

Be on time: matches start at 7pm. call/contact your captain immediately if you know you’re going to be late. Captains let the other team know if your team will not be on time. REMINDER: No contact from anyone on the opposing team by 7:15pm is officially considered a forfeit. Be in communication.

Bring your cue (if you have one)

Don’t fight: the official rules are posted online but there will be disputes. settle disputes like adults; team captains have the final say/verdict on interpretation. if a particular rule is unclear, make a judgement for the evening and then contact Jared for clarification afterwards.

Keep score: HOME TEAMS are responsible for remembering to email a picture of your signed, completed score sheet at the end of the night to tcgpl@playpooltwincities.com.

Have fun!: have a great time, enjoy yourselves, thank your sponsoring bars/staff, and get home safely. let’s make this season a great one!

Jared B.

All teams filled! Schedule completed and posted! League play starts Monday October 10th @ 7PM!

Thanks to all who attended the captains/new players meeting at Game Sports Bar. We have 10 teams (9 last year) and the same number of sponsors (lost one; gained one). Thank you to everyone (especially Brent) who contacted our sponsor bars for this year’s season.

Your team’s schedule has been sent to your team captain. In addition, a PDF of the schedule is available on the league page. Plus, all scheduled matches are posted to the results pages.

Contact your team captain if you have questions and we’ll see you all for the first night of pool on Monday, October 10th at 7:00 PM. Match locations posted.

Have a great season, be kind/civil, and do not forget rule #1: HAVE FUN!!

Jared – League Dictator / Czar / Rulemeister / Boss / President