Season under way! Send your pics!

Hey league players!

I hope all of you are having a good time this year participating in the Twin Cities Gay Pool League. I just wanted to mention a couple of things:

If you drop a ball on the break, you are what you dropped. If you drop one (ore more) of each on the break, it is still open.
There are some teams interested in calling for a vote about how many time outs a team may take in a give game/set/match. If there is interest in calling this to a vote for next season, please send me an email indicating your interest in having it added to the season-end voting ballot.
Reminder: home teams are responsible for sending in the scores at the end of the night.
Our league season always runs from October to March. Teams form in September and the season end tournament / party is in early April.
Our league treasurer is Brant. Our not-for-profit pool league fees are $25/player for the season. The majority of this money is donated to a local charity that is selected by majority vote from suggestions given by each team. Your team should agree upon a charity you would like to recommend to receive this season’s donation before the winter break (December 18th). Email your team’s choice by then and we will add it to the online voting ballot.
When your team is scheduled to play the Saloon Sharks (SAL2) team, be prepared to pay your player league fees to Brant on that evening. In the event that Brant is not available, Troy will take your payment.

Thanks and contact me if you have questions!